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Transitional dressing is a breeze thanks to Masai’s pre-spring collection

Posted: 2 Feb 2018

While we might be ready to fully embrace spring, the unpredictable weather serves as a reminder that the new season hasn’t arrived just yet. This in-between seasons stage presents the predicament of wanting to wrap up warm, while staying stylish.

If the thought of transitional dressing gives you a headache, don’t panic. We have the perfect solution! Introducing Masai’s pre-spring collection, which will see you stylishly from winter to spring.

pre-spring masai 

Layering is key

When it comes to your pre-spring wardrobe, the key is to layer. And thanks to Masai’s emphasis on interchangeable pieces, that usually awkward in-between seasons stage has quickly become a thing of the past. The collection boasts a wide array of interchangeable pieces, which can be mixed and matched, according to the demands of your day. Wrap up for those cool mornings and later remove layers as the temperature rises. Masai’s mix-and-match sweaters, blouses, cardigans and dresses afford multiple outfit options, which can be dressed up or down as you wish.

pre-spring masai

Add a little colour

At this time of year, we’re definitely ready to embrace a little colour. As the winter months see many of us wearing darker colours, the welcome arrival of lighter hues will instantly bring your clothing to life. But how exactly do you add a little colour while being mindful that it’s technically still winter? Thankfully, Masai has carefully considered colours, by fusing neutral darker tones, with lighter hues to solve our dilemma. Try matching a coloured top or blouse with dark trousers or jeans. Or, because outerwear is still a must at this time of year, switching from coats in heavy, black hues to pretty pastels, carefully nods to spring, while remaining season appropriate.

pre-spring masai

Embrace prints

While prints are welcomed for every season, there’s no denying that their popularity is high during spring. Masai’s pre-spring collection hints at spring through an inviting array of pretty patterns. From florals that will work whatever the weather, to geometrics and even abstract prints, pair these with neutrals to ensure patterns work, whatever the weather.

pre-spring masai

Season appropriate scarves

If you’re not ready to fully commit to a spring wardrobe, the addition of Masai’s scarves are an ideal way to ease yourself in. Ditch that heavy knit scarf in favour of Masai’s lightweight offerings, which will instantly lift your look.

While the weather may make dressing a little more of a challenge, Masai’s pre-spring collection means you can easily update your wardrobe, and flawlessly make the transition from winter to spring.