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Payment & Security

Online Payment Fraud Prevention.

Fraud prevention is something we prioritise. We understand that trusting an online payment gateway to prevent business losses and to protect the identities of customers can be tricky. 

We use Opayo as a payment gateway which is expertly designed to identify fraudulent activity with a range of free built-in, easy-to-usececommerce fraud prevention tools as standard which aim to protect both our shoppers and our business. Their enhanced fraud screening tools complete a number of transactional checks on personal, payment and address information to highlight the level of risk each transaction poses to your businesses. An integrated ACI ReD Shield fraud prevention platform uses real-time global transaction analysis to proactively determine whether any fraudulent activity has occurred on the account. 

For further fraud prevention, they also offer ASV, CV2 or CVV checks. The AVS or Address Verification System uses the address details that are provided by your shopper to verify the address is registered to the card being used. CV2, CVV, or Card Verification Value, is a check that uses the 3 digital security code on the reverse of the card used for the transaction for verification purposes.

We also allow payments to be made through PayPal. These fully protect yourself with one single login so you don't have to enter your card details every time.  Each platform is backed up with its own protection scheme.